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Demand your time
Stuff your mail box
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Invade your privacy  &
Sell your private data
Call it their business!
Call it an invasion of privacy
Imagine a quiet dinner without junk calls. Imagine your mailbox, free of junk mail. Today you can join with thousands of Private Citizen members across America who enjoy their right to be left alone. Private Citizen is America's first, largest and most effective organization of its type to cut your junk calls and junk mail.

Cut Junk Calls - $20 Basic Annual Membership
We will list you in the Private Citizen Directory , a do-not-call list sent to over 1,000 local and national junk call firms and list sellers across America. The Directory notifies them of your unwillingness to be freely junk called or have your name sold, and warns them of your $500 fee if they use your time and your telephone to solicit you. Private Citizen members consider any phone solicitation to be a junk call; including sales, non-profit and survey calls.

Members get a list of firms we sent the Directory to, a newsletter and info on telemarketing laws. Since junk callers don't know which of us will sue if they refuse to pay, they avoid us like a mine field. Our members report  a huge drop in junk calls. And we've helped our colleagues collect more than  $2.9 Million from telemarketers.

Indeed, a Congressional report recommends the use of Private Citizen's Do-Not-Call Directory.

We also publish 'So... You want to Sue a Telemarketer', a book which contains (and explains) federal telemarketing laws and FCC regulations. It also reviews the broader (and more effective) legal framework which Private Citizen members use to stop the calls. It can be ordered by using our Membership Form .

Cut Junk Mail - $10 Basic Annual Membership
We copy and send the 'junk mail' portion of your Authorization to Congress and the eight largest list sales and junk mail firms named on it. One firm mails 350 million ads a week. Another sells data on 90% of Americans. Our members also get access to a little known federal law that many call `The Ultimate Junk Mail Weapon '.  It stops all business advertising mail that you object to. . . even from the most stubborn mailers: PERIOD!

But most importantly, every new Private Citizen member gives us a stronger voice to promote effective privacy regulation on state and national levels.


What does the media say about Private Citizen?

ABC's PrimeTime Live:
"Private Citizen members have successfully stopped the annoying calls." Click Here Sam Donaldson
The Wall Street Journal:
"[Private Citizen's] strategy is mischievous, ruthless, and surprisingly effective."
"The telemarketing industry's worst nightmare."
New York Magazine:
"A tough mail rejection service for people who can't stand being on mailing lists".
Home Office Computing:
"By making a quick call to 800-CUT-JUNK, you can slice most of these [telemarketing]
interruptions out of your daily routine."
USA Today:
"Seek the aid of... Private Citizen."
National Public Radio:
"[Private Citizen's president] is a general in the army of Americans fed up with telemarketing calls."
DM News:
"One face many telemarketers won't be happy to see [at the June 2002 FTC do-not-call forum] will be that of Robert Bulmash, president of Private Citizen Inc. and a longtime opponent of the industry."

So... the sooner we hear from you, the less you'll hear from them.
Private Citizen, Inc  is nationally known and respected as America's foremost consumer organization fighting against the direct marketing industry's privacy-abusive practices. Our expertise is commonly called upon by state and federal legislators and regulators.
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